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In addition to the placement of players / advice / management / career development / marketing / talent scouting / football & athletic specials, we also see ourselves as a “sporting cultural bridge” from and to Europe. 

Sport connects people and cultures. 

We help to understand and be understood.  

Sport is colorless

Our services at a glance

Professional advice

In addition to the classic player agent activity, we of course also work on behalf of the clubs, in Germany and abroad.

We focus on targeted advisory services. We help with the classification of the momentum and the personrelated insights, in order to go the right way together.

Through our competencies, we will work out a holistic approach to help and improve the player’s development. We accompany you through all processes of sporting and private life.

Anyone who has a functioning team behind them can fully concentrate on their career and does not carry any ballast around with them.

Successful contract negotiations are our key tasks to enable a successful career in sport and business.

Starting with the conclusion of the contracts, we work with our lawyers to ensure compliance and termination as well as compliance with rules and regulations.

Sport & Career

One of the most important topics is strategic advice.

Where am I currently as an athlete or in 2 or 5 or more years?
What has to be done to achieve the set goals?

We will always keep an eye on the international markets in order to adequately use the global opportunities that exist today for the athlete.

The athlete is accompanied and trained by us in his media perception. We help him with his positioning and take care of the press issue. Through our years of experience and contacts in the media world, we are also familiar with it.

Thanks to our marketing specialists, we can find the right advertising partner. We take care of who our athlete is allowed to advertise with and pay attention to whether there are conflicts. We care about the athlete’s value in advertising.

Advertising is not always useful. There is good and bad advertising, what makes the difference, we pay attention to it.

Individual training

Our individual performance diagnostics and the subsequent support are geared towards the athlete’s physical potential in order to achieve their maximum performance. Injuries harm the body and career. We show which ones are usually avoidable and how.

In addition to physical training, we want to help the athlete through mental coaching, to deal with the pressure to perform, his self-doubts, the fear of failure in order to constantly achieve his individual goals. This also includes crisis management – crises will come, actually in every career. Dealing with it properly is important.

To round off, we will be able to help the athlete to achieve his goals through an individual nutritional strategy. With the strategy geared towards the athlete, he will improve his regenerative capacities and optimize his training system.

The earlier the athlete starts with these 3 pillars in his sporting direction, the more effectively he will achieve his goal and also have a long career.


A professional athlete’s capital is his body; it’s important to protect it holistically against the everyday dangers of being unable to play up to premature retirement in order to avert existential risks.

Prevention is better than aftercare.

Our partner in the team, who is geared towards professional sports, looks after the athletes reliably and trustingly. It covers you in the event of inability to play, illness, rehab / care accident (continued payment of wages) or in the event of a sports disability.


We help our athletes to secure their sources of income, also to develop new ones, to diversify them in order to achieve sustainable and future-proof financial security.

Likewise, we look at career planning after career, all this with the support of an extended network of partners. Of course, we also work together with the partner of choice for our client.


Of course, with our IA Sports athletes service, we also take care of things that sport professionals cannot or do not want to do themselves and this worldwide.