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Talent Scouting



Talent search is one of the DNA that defines IA Sports. In the day-to-day cooperation of our team, we also increasingly see talent with potential. Many young players have skills and strengths that we look closely at and classify. In addition to scouting games etc., we will classify you precisely with our own options.

But since we don’t have eyes and ears everywhere, we also look forward to proactive contact. Please write to us, preferably with dates. Whether statistics or videos, pictures etc., all of this helps us from the first sighting.



If we sit down with a talent, it is usually also because their current management, namely their parents, has already achieved a lot.

We know exactly which activities are invested in addition to the normal parental duties for the child and his sport.

In addition to the driving service, you are often also a tutor. Then you are the mediator between all contact points for the child. The child’s hobby such as training, game tournaments etc. is organized as a family manager. In the case of frustration, anger or disappointment and much more, you also become a mental coach. Then there are the small injuries and you mutate into a physiotherapist and have tricks up your sleeve to help. And last but not least, you pay attention to the child’s diet and are also the nutrition coach

WE KNOW ALL THIS. WE ALSO KNOW ABOUT Fears and ideas as parents.

Working together

In addition to our athletic and human classification of the talent, good cooperation with the legal guardians is very important to us. Because only together, with open communication, can we be successful in the sporting future.

The young people’s fun in sport is a basic requirement. We accompany him and the parents with our skills and help him to become better. But don’t bend and break this.

Would you like to introduce a talent?