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Endurance, flexibility, coordination, strength and speed.

In order to maintain and improve these basic characteristics, we offer general athlete training.

The Football Sport Specific Training deals with the essential skills required there.

With the Soccer & Athletics Specials we would like to offer athletes the opportunity to improve their skills beyond their normal training.

Performance diagnostics

Regular individual performance diagnostics are recommended not only for professionals but also for athletes who are not in a professional environment that is specifically geared towards sports.

These performance diagnostics provide you with information about your current ACTUAL situation. Via the mobility, endurance and performance diagnostics as well as the exact blood values, data on general health, performance potential and the orientation of further training are evaluated and displayed.

The individual performance parameters provide the athletes with information about how their training is working and whether they need to change or adapt something.

Our performance diagnostics have different approaches that are based on age / game / sport level.


Individual football / athletic training

Physical deficits that we have identified through our performance diagnostics, among other things, are specifically trained through individual training. In the playful areas that otherwise only run “alongside”, such as cognitive skills for better speed of action and an overview on the field, are also improved through individual training.

The strengths of the individual are further strengthened and expanded.

For example, through a higher repetition frequency (compared to team training).

Playful weaknesses are recognized or known weaknesses are specifically trained. We try to develop the skills of the player individually, which is often not possible in classic team training. The goal is to achieve rapid and constant improvement. One-to-one training is extremely important for talents and professionals alike.

In order to be and stay successful in today’s football, skills such as quality of movement, cocnitivity and problem-solving skills are extremely important.


Neuroathletics training

All movement is controlled by the central nervous system, i.e. the brain and the spinal cord.

If nerve connections, synapses, are missing, information can not or only slowly be sent from the CNS to the executing organs and vice versa.

Thus, not only our athletic performance depends on the reception of information by our senses, the transmission of this information to the CNS and the delivery of information to the corresponding receiving organs.

Accordingly, optimal movement execution is only possible if information flows without loss to the central nervous system and from there to the executing movement organs.

The flow of information can be disturbed, for example, if:

  • movements are new and there is no experience yet,
  • the brain is not sure about the execution of the movement or
  • after injuries, when movements have been restricted for a long time.

In order to re-establish these synapses, ensure the flow of information and develop optimal movement execution, all of the human senses are addressed and trained.

A major focus of neuroathletic training is on eye training, visual perception accounts for about 85% of our total perception, and training of the sense of balance, which is responsible for the stability and posture of the body.

Emotional intelligence, mental and mindset coaching

If you want to be successful in sport, you should first learn how to function 100% yourself.

Research supports positive effects on emotional intelligence and mental strength.

Athletes with higher emotional intelligence have a much greater chance of success than athletes with poorly developed emotional intelligence or a wrong mindset.

In addition to the sport-specific skills in the areas of athletics, technology and coordination, the area of mental strength and emotional intelligence is becoming increasingly important in successful sport.

This area can only be trained through individual coaching.

To be successful also means to think successfully.

Positive emotions arise from positive thoughts and this leads to successful action.

Specifically, it is about how we can use the techniques from emotional intelligence and mental training to increase our athletic performance and our quality of life in general.

We show our athletes like these to achieve their best form and maximum results with ease.

Nutritional coaching

In nutritional coaching, the first thing we do is show athletes how important it is to have a healthy diet that is tailored to training and normal daily routines. We will create optimal supplements and nutritional strategies based on exact blood values in order to optimize the athlete’s performance and adapt his holistic nutrition to him individually.