Klaus Hoffmann


Klaus Hoffmann can refer to more than 30 years of experience in the areas of TV productions as well as editing marketing & PR, among other things as a live coordinator for national and international sporting events on Premiere / Sky, RTL, Sat 1, Eurosport etc.

Football World Cup, Confed. Cup, Champions League, UEFA Cup, Soccer 1st / 2nd Bundesliga, over 4000 live games, boxing and much more.

Klaus Hoffmann has a functioning media and direct network in Germany as well as in international football.

He supports the amateur sector and some charity organizations.

Last but not least, he is from the federal state of Saarland and deeply rooted in his hometowns Saarlouis / Wallerfangen.

  • Mail: contact@ia-sports.de
  • Tel: +49 6831 96 55 55