Benni Benter

Performance Coach – Scout

Benni, 34 years old, was born in Stuttgart and is our performance coach. In

2017, in one of the last games in his career, the anterior cruciate ligament tore and the inner and outer miniscus torn in his left knee.

The diagnosis that followed was hard to digest for him as an athletic trainer and player, but it was also the beginning of his new career.

He questioned his knowledge and skills at the time when it came to the topics of optimal performance enhancement and injury prevention. He began to dive deeper and deeper into the subject in order to look after the athletes even better.

His hobby in his youth, which over the years became a passion and in the end his job, has not just been any job since then, but is an affair of the heart for him. It has become his life’s task to offer young and professional players optimal support so that they can achieve their goals, exploit their maximum potential and remain injury-free.

The development and the slope of the maximum performance is his core area. Without an expert at your side, it is impossible for a competitive athlete to reach their maximum potential.

The human being is the most complicated being there is on earth and that is exactly why every player at IA Sports has the privilege of receiving unique and high quality support.

With a unique and holistic performance diagnostics and potential analysis, all athletes are analyzed professionally and in detail. The athlete’s goal can only be pursued and achieved through a perfect analysis. The training is individually tailored by Benni to the athlete, also taking into account his club training.

Benni monitors the training to get the maximum out of it.

In professional sport, performance diagnostics are mainly used as a rating system.

Benni doesn’t see it as an evaluation system, but as an analysis of potential.

Every player is and will remain a diamond in the rough throughout their career.

The goal of every competitive athlete is maximum success and the maximum success will be increased by Benni and team with the test battery (performance diagnostics) designed by them.

26 years as an amateur football player (Germany) Athletic trainer U19 TSV Schwieberdingen (Association relay) Athletic trainer handball women HSG Leinfelden-Echterdingen (BW Oberliga)
Strenght & Conditioning Coach U19 Stuttgart Scorpions (GLF Juniors) Performance coach for young and professional players
Owner and founder of PRO Athlete Solution
Certified Athletic Trainer (Perform Better)
Performance Trainer (Sportpraxis Munich)
Recovery Specialist (RAWO Vienna)
Prospective Medical Athletic Coach (spt-education)